Custom-Built Programs Designed specifically for your business, fully branded, fully functional, comprehensive reporting with flexible options for short or long term use.

Call on our extensive expertise to design a reward programme tailored to your requirements. One that will attract, retain and motivate the people who are critical for reaching the goals of your business.
Rewards Club Rewards Club will allow SME's to enjoy their own professional loyalty program without the costs normally associated with the implementation and management of these types of programs.

Minimal program setup; Low monthly fee; Complete online rewards catalogue
Partner Programs Involves like-minded non-competing businesses joining together to implement a reward programme to target a defined audience. Save time and money.

A key benefit of a partner programme is having multiple companies talking to your clients about the programme -- ensuring the program is kept top of mind.
Staff Incentives A merchandise based programme can provide your company with the productivity boost you have been looking for.

Perhaps your staff are not as productive as you'd like, or maybe you would like to sell more product. Motivational incentive programs solve these problems.
Partnering Opportunities Join forces with one of our existing programs.

We have a number of existing programs where non-competing businesses collectively target various customer groups. Let us help determine the most beneficial partnership for your business, as well as assess your suitability for inclusion in one of our current programs.

Incentive Solutions

Incentive Solutions was established in New Zealand in 1996 and expanded into Australia in 2004 and in the USA in 2007.

Using our proprietary incentive programs we can deliver a stronger result to sales and profitability than standard discount or rebate models.

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